Our test suite includes 12 aptitude tests. Tests guaranteed to help you succeed during pilot aptitude tests.


• Grid is the ultimate concentration test.

• There are row shapes and colour columns. When a shape appears that matches the shape style and colour click it.

• Be quick the shapes come and go quickly!


• Keep the crosshairs centred.

• Small, precise inputs required.

• Joystick required

Crosshairs +

• Keep the crosshairs centred.

• A sequence of numbers are read out decreasing by a set amount. If they decrease by a different amount, squeeze the trigger!

• Joystick required


• Test your multitasking skills!

• Hit space on your keyboard when the coloured diamond enters the same coloured band.

• Answer the mental arithmetic tests as quick as you can.

Diamonds +

• The ultimate multitasking test!

• Hit space the diamond matches the coloured band.

• Answer the quick fire arithmetic questions.

• Remember a complex alphanumeric word and click the correct word when the options randomly appear.


• The most real world test here!

• Interpret your current altitude and vertical speed.

• Quick arithmetic is required to calculate your final altitude.


• Test your hand to eye coordination.

• Precise movements are required on your joystick to keep the green dot centred.

• Joystick required.


• Test your spacial awareness!

• Listen to the audio clip, “Negative, Left, Circle”.

• How many aircraft don’t have a circle on their left engine?

3D Tracking

• Test your hand to eye coordination.

• Precise movements are needed to keep your aircraft on course to land.

• Joystick required.


• Test your image recognition skills

• Only one of the lower shapes is shown in the question image. Find this and select it below.

• This test requires attention to detail and quick processing.


• Quick fire numeracy questions. Random questions to test your multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.

• How many can you answer in a minute?


• Spatial reasoning test.

• Match the cube containing three patterns to one of the flattened answers.

• This test requires quick but careful thinking to manipulate 2D and 3D images to recognise patterns.